Apple Watch Faces – Dial Options

Apple Watch Faces – Dial Options


Since Apple is being INCREDIBLY slow with offering custom watch faces like the ones available for Android powered watches we decided to make a few custom faces ourselves and offer them here for anyone to use.

Hopefully Apple will wake up soon and allow 3rd party designers to create apps for the Apple Watch and give us some great dial / face options ASAP (like the Intellicom Watchface App, WatchMaker app, Facepro app, and SO MANY others currently available for Android smartwatches).

Until then we will post some Apple Watch faces here that we create. These are all free to use with your Apple Watch so please use them if you want! Below are the Apple Watch face options plus a few additional images showing how they look installed.

(All images used when creating the Apple Watch faces below were readily found all over the internet on many, many, many sites. These faces in no way officially represent anyone, or any company, or any organization. They have been 100% created for fun and are fan faces.)

Apple Watch Face #1: BMG Apple Watch Faces:

BMG-apple-watch-face-2 BMG-apple-watch-face-1

Apple Watch Face #2: