Dirty little robot. 

Bad bad bad metal beeping box. 

New Hunger Games Poster Includes The “C” Word

In an inadvertent, but unquestionably funny, gaff, the new Hunger Games promotional flyer has the "C" word written across star Jennifer Lawrence's face.  The studio...

Good to see OTHER countries blown up in the movies 

It seems that almost every Hollywood action film has either NYC or Washington DC getting blown up (or almost blown up). Most of the...

Creed actually looks pretty good

Who would've ever thought they could do another Rocky movie and make it any good.  But from this trailer it looks like the next installment...

It’s cool to be rich.

If he worked at McDonalds it would have been a movie about rape and kidnapping.  We didn't like this silly movie anyway. 


Your Move Jesus. Your Move.

Let's see if you can top that Mr. Son Of God. 1 point for us. 0 points for Jesus.

Poetry Slam Ilike2complain Style!

We know we got the skills to pay the bills. 

Honest Happy Mother’s Day #2 – stretched vagina!

Honest Mother's Day message #2 from - Happy Mother's Day moms! Don't drink when pregnant. Don't drink wine when pregnant. Don't drink gin when...