Cars, Bikes, Boats

Cars, Bikes, Boats

Anyone can upgrade their ride

Want to impress the ladies with your car? Just get creative people. A custom car IS within your reach. If you can dream it, you...

Sweet ride

Put 22"s and some rims on that bad boy. Drop it . Bag it, bounce it. 

Driving Slow Is For Stupid People

1) The far far FAR right lane is for the slow drivers. 2) DON'T drive scared 3) DON'T automatically jerk the wheel to one side when...

Huge truck = tiny penis

With a truck this stupidly large this guy's dick is probably ... inverted.  RiDICKulous

Your bright flashing lights are hurting my eyes

Please be considerate and turn DOWN your lights when driving. It really bothers others.  Thank you. 

You see me rolling, trying to catch me riding dirty…

Now this is a bumper sticker we can fully support. Makes total sense to us like Chamillionaire riding dirty!

We get it! You’re successful!

Isn't having a BMW 750 Li enough to SCREAM TO THE WORLD that you are successful? The "Li" part alone designates this model as...

Found on road dead 

Still funny ....

He deserves to get keyed!

This is the perfect example of an ilike2complain assclown. This parking lot menace in North Carolina thinks his shit does not stink. It's a...


Your Move Jesus. Your Move.

Let's see if you can top that Mr. Son Of God. 1 point for us. 0 points for Jesus.

Poetry Slam Ilike2complain Style!

We know we got the skills to pay the bills. 

Honest Happy Mother’s Day #2 – stretched vagina!

Honest Mother's Day message #2 from - Happy Mother's Day moms! Don't drink when pregnant. Don't drink wine when pregnant. Don't drink gin when...