Massive Fail For The Golden State Warriors

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have to be laughing HARD today. All those comparisons washed away. What a joke.  The Bulls teams would have...

No joy in big D

It just gets worse and worse for the Dallas Cowboys. Disaster of a season again for the so called "America's team".

Amazing gym promotions

These are from all over the Internet. They are all ... fantastic! THIS IS THE WAY TO MOTIVATE people to join the gym and get...

Get That 6 Pack Tummy With These Killer Ab Workouts

Are you sick and tired of doing 10,000 crunches and NEVER seeing your abs. You don't event have a "2 pack". You diet. You...

Obviously NASCAR wants someone to die on or near the track. 

Wonder how many more of these crashes at 200 mph will happen before another driver is killed or multiple spectators.  This was a very scary one...

Don’t believe in the BS 6-pack.

Reality is normally a LOT different then the advertisement. I see one "miracle" diet pill ad after another showing ridiculously ripped models who clearly...

The winner of meanest high school female softball player goes to...

These are 2 serious hip checks. She takes them out! Is this the meanest high school female softball player ever? You be the judge.

American Pharoah vs. Secretariat: Who Would Win?

This is one of the better video comparisons we have seen in a while. Ultimately it proves nothing since these 2 horses will never...


Your Move Jesus. Your Move.

Let's see if you can top that Mr. Son Of God. 1 point for us. 0 points for Jesus.

Poetry Slam Ilike2complain Style!

We know we got the skills to pay the bills. 

Honest Happy Mother’s Day #2 – stretched vagina!

Honest Mother's Day message #2 from - Happy Mother's Day moms! Don't drink when pregnant. Don't drink wine when pregnant. Don't drink gin when...