Overwhelming Social Media Hypocrisy Replaces Actual Action

A few days ago we publicly posted a question on Facebook asking one simple question: Where can We find the American flag Facebook filter so...

On Halloween Facebook doesn’t suck 

Our lives revolve around social media. It might be a sad fact, but it is true.  For the most part social media is a dirty,...

Be yourself on Halloween

Truer words have never been spoken then in the image above. People are SO FAKE online and especially on social media.  This Halloween your costume...

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The pure volume of complete insanity online is staggering. There should be internet police who enforce mandatory "time outs" for people who display repeated...

I am 6 foot 5 and ripped … online

Reality is a bitch!

We DON’T Actually Talk To Each Other ….

Who else barely communicates in person with their kids or other members of their families because of the Internet? Who else finds themselves spending...


Your Move Jesus. Your Move.

Let's see if you can top that Mr. Son Of God. 1 point for us. 0 points for Jesus.

Poetry Slam Ilike2complain Style!

We know we got the skills to pay the bills. 

Honest Happy Mother’s Day #2 – stretched vagina!

Honest Mother's Day message #2 from - Happy Mother's Day moms! Don't drink when pregnant. Don't drink wine when pregnant. Don't drink gin when...